AMD and Qualcomm Announce Partnership for New Line of Always-on PCs


AMD and Qualcomm Announce Partnership for New Line of Always-on PCs:

AMD work on the new PCs and Qualcomm’s promising to give 4G LTE, and more information may come out in the coming days.

AMD and Qualcomm last month announced a partnership for a new line of Always Connected PCs together. The announcement made during a Qualcomm conference in the United States, when Snapdragon 845 was officially release.

The companies will start work together on new laptops that will feature AMD Ryzen mobile processors and Qualcomm’s LTE Snapdragon family of modems. According to corporate vice president and general manager of AMD client computing, Kevin Lensing, companies want to achieve “new levels of performance, connectivity and capacity for ultra-thin notebooks.”

It is worth mentioning that AMD recently announced a partnership with its eternal rival Intel for making a new Core processor with Radeon board that will arrives in 2018 to fight against rival Nvidia.

In 2017 this is just one of many important announcements made by Company AMD, when the company made a real journey to regain its relevancy in the market with releases such as Ryzen , Ryzen Pro and Epyc .

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