Amazon has been sending fake Ryzen CPUs to buyers:


Amazon has been sending fake Ryzen CPUs to buyers:

According to victim, who buy from Amazons and get fake Ryzen CPUs. In market AMD challenging Intel CPU. According to news two user who purchased Ryzen 1700s from Amazon and get fake. And this fake Ryzen damage the CPU motherboard.

A message from Yae Ko a buyer mailed to Ryzen tell about the fake Ryzen that Amazon sells and spoil the market. So this is the news to tell all of you to be aware of fake Ryzens CPUs.Well Ryzen CPUs is powerfull for Gaming experience. And its specification are below:

It contain 8 CPU cores, 16 threads, 3GHz base clock speed, with 3.7 GHz turbo core speed which is good enough to play heavy games.

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