Amazon received 238 proposals from cities to host its new headquarters


Amazon received 238 proposals from cities to host its new headquarters: 

Amazon announced on Monday that it received no fewer despite from 238 different proposals from cities that want to host its second North American headquarters – the first is in Seattle, USA, where they work more than 40,000 people.

According to statement from company of Jeff Bezos, all the 238 proposals came from 54 states and regions of North America. And these proposals are a conclusion of an unusual mindset which adopted by the e-commerce giant to select its next headquarters.

That’s is why, because the company revealed itself in start of September that company was open to receiving proposals from local governments to decide where to install its second headquarters. Despite this, administrations also can send data on their transport systems, skilled workforce and tax incentives.

High investment and many jobs

Company second home named as HQ2 in North America and it is expected to receive a investment of $ 5 billion to run the company with 50,000+ employees. According to company said in its statement that we promises “In addition to investment, construction, current operation and direct contracting by Amazon, HQ2 should create tens of thousands of jobs add and generate tens of billions of dollars in additional investments in the surrounding community.”

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