Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablets in Just right Tablet at a Budget Price


Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablets in Just right Tablet at a Budget Price:

Many people know that last year Amazon release a Tablet Fire HD with HD screen and price of $ 230, and now Amazon getting display fans that are waiting for another tablet like that at much lower price. Amazon will soon launch tablet with fully HD screen with twice of storage to boot which is named as “Kindle Fire HD 10”. Next month it will release worldwide.


The new product of Fire HD family Fire HD 10 is improved version of Fire HD, it comes with IPS panel screen of 10.1” with resolution of 1920 x 1200. This screen spec is higher than the previous one tablet which comes last year.

Internals & Storage

It has 6 to 10 hour of battery timing, dual Dolby Atmos speaker with better surround sound quality. 32GB of internal storage with 64 optional too and which can be upgrade to 256 GB via micro-SD card with 2GB of RAM. One thing that is not updated in this new Tablet is processor quad-core with 1.8GHz core just like last one form Amazon.

Other Features

Rear camera come with 2MP which record video at 720p and the front one come with VGA photo and video. Cameras of new tablet I think not well like other tablet from Samsung brand they all have a great camera experience quality. Tablet come with Alexa in built. It will available in black, red and blue colors with optional cover price of $40.

iPad user not like the plastic and heavy weight tablet with such low specs. It will cost $ 150, and release in 11 of October.

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