gives you $ 100 off your Kindle

0 gives you $ 100 off your Kindle:

Amazon is making a special way to celebrate its 10th anniversary, by doing the launch of its Kindle e-reader and also its officially arrival in Brazil which will take place at the end of the 2012, after the October of 25 user will able to find the various discount on Kindles and digital books and Kindle Unlimited subscription programs.

The previously offer, strikes in big numbers, because it is the discount of 110 reais on two models of your e-reader. Also with this, the standard Kindle, which have original costs 299 reais, now can be purchase for 189 reais , while on other hand Paperwhite, has an illuminated screen, its value cut from 479 reais to 369 reais in the promotion in Brazilian market, purchases can be split in up to 12 times without interest.

Dispute this company have the next day thousands of e-books with discounts up to 80%. And the list includes titles such as Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman; Why do we do what we do? , by Mario Sergio Cortella; Dune (Chronicles of Dune) , by Frank Herbert; and John Harding’s The Girl Who Could not Read .

This promotion will make users to subscribe to the Kindle Unlimited program, a kind of Netflix for digital books, for the special value of 1.99 real for the first three months – against the normal value of 19.90 reais a month.

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