Amazon begins selling electronics in Brazil on October 18, says Valor


Amazon begins selling electronics in Brazil on October 18says Valor:

According to Amazon in Brazil, it has been 5 years of launching its operation in Brazil, which is till now limited to only book and kindle e-reader but now company will start selling it electronics in Brazil, says Valor. According to report by Valor, on 18th of October company will start selling firstly through online store and the product list which will able to sell is Smartphone’s, computers and accessories and also TVs, cameras.

According to some rumors, its look like that third party made this platform for sale by using Amazon market place, which just allows retailer to resell the physical books by using company platform. According to newspaper, Amazon are planning to wide its list of products that will available for sale in Brazil, this also works in company favor.

So it good news for people of Brazil if they are interested in Amazons products.

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