A week later, delivery delay leads Black Friday complaints


A week later, delivery delay leads Black Friday complaints:

After a week from Black Friday, Black Friday held on November 24, many user complaints about late delivery already lead the list of problems by consumers, according to the Complaint Here According to the website about 17,000 complaints has been received from the promotional date this week between the night of November 23 and December 1.

In this short time period, the aforementioned delayed delivery delay, cited by 8.9% of the consumers, is followed in the first place, followed closely by problems with the completion of the purchase, with 8.6% and misleading advertising, with 8% – the latter claim, including, was the champion in the first 24 hours of Black Friday last week.

See below the top Black Friday claims received by the Claim here on the first day and the week following the promotion.

On Black Friday (from 6pm Thursday, 23rd, until midnight, 25th)

TOTAL: 3,500 complaints

  1. Misleading advertising – 13.5%
  2. Problems in completing the purchase – 9.6%
  3. Divergence of values ​​- 8.8%

Post Black Friday (from 6pm Thursday, 23rd to today)

TOTAL: 17 thousand complaints

  1. Delayed delivery – 8.9%
  2. Problems in completing the purchase – 8.6%
  3. Misleading advertising – 8%

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