6 Amazing Benefits of Eating “Anjeer” (Fig)


6 Amazing Benefits of Eating “Anjeer” (Fig):

Figs (Anjeer) are high in fiber, proteins, calcium and so called the fruit of heaven. So let’s take the advantages of figs. There are common advantages below:

To Cure Constipation

It is a natural laxative which helps in constipation patients. Just Soak 2 to 3 dried Anjeer overnight in water; let it to consume water till morning. After that consume it early in morning for about 10 days then you will feel better than earlier

For Heart Disease and Kidney Stones

Figs can prevent from heart disease and kidney stones because it is high in fiber, vitamin and calcium and also an antioxidant which play a vital role to make your heart and kidney strong against this disease. Just boil 6 figs in water and consume it daily early from breakfast.

For Strengthen Bones

Anjeer contains calcium and we know that it is good to make strong bones. Anjeer is good for back pain patients. According to study 1 dry fig gives the 3% of calcium of daily calcium requirement.

Figs for Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is very common in women after menopause, regularly use of fig help to reduce the risk of breast cancer in women because as we mentioned above that anjeer is good in fiber called heaven of fruits. Women of all ages use this trick to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Promotes Weight loss

Anjeer also have quality to reduce weight because it kills free radicals and if you over diet it result will cause gain weight. 1 dry fig contains 47 calories. So it is a best way to lose weight.

Improves Sexual Health

Figs also improve the reproductive health because it include zinc and magnesium which improves you sexual health. People who are sexual weakness just Soak 5 anjeer in milk let it in milk over night and consume it in morning before breakfast.

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