7 Foods to Eat for a Healthy Kidney and Bladder Function


7 Foods to Eat for a Healthy Kidney and Bladder Function:

As we know that in our surrounding many people are suffering from kidney problems. So here you can find the solution of kidney problem by just taking special diet.



Cabbage is a Green vegetable loaded with phytochemicals, specific. Cabbage is also useful for cancer patients because it is anti-cancer naturally. It is loaded with vitamins K and C which is good for health and also for bones. Add it into your daily diet use it in salad and put in it in sandwiches and burgers.


Citrus Fruits:

According to study on Citrus fruits it is conclude that “Citrus fruits are very high in pectin” that is useful for kidney. Pectin is tested in animal with kidney problem and result is positive with it. Medical it is prove that it can prevent your kidney from problems. To do this just change your diet little bit drinking fresh juices, lemonade and adds it in your daily diet.


Alkaline foods:

Citrus and acidic foods are good for kidney but at a level it is bad for your bladder. Citrus and acid foods increase the pH level in your body which causes much disease. To control the pH level in your body add avocado, spinach, broccoli and asparagus. All this to do just add little amount from this foods which will help you in kidney problem and level up your pH level also.



It is also a great solutions for kidney and also other problems it has a great property of anti inflammatory. That’s why food like biryani, sauce and other cooking foods people add in it. Mostly it is used in Pakistan and Pakistani foods.


Diuretic Foods:

Diuretic foods are said to be those which causes the formation of urine by kidney. And it is good for for the cleaning of bladder and urethra. Loss of water in body increases the amount of urine. Said in “Prescription for Natural Healing”.

Add it in your daily diet and diuretic foods are like watermelon, oregano (ajwain) and eggplant (baingan). It is also called kidney cleaning food.



We almost all known with basic advantages of apple it contains fiber in high quantity, it also help for the constipation patients. Apple prevent from heart disease, reduce inflammation and kill free pesky radicals. Add it in your daily diet because it contains iron and vitamins which is good for body and bones to keep strong. And some of you may not like to eat apple, you can also use apple fresh juice in breakfast.


Olive Oil:

Olive oil contain Oleic acid which is good for inflammation and oxidation. All these above foods you can by taking bowl and mix all the foods in it with olive oil and eat it once in a day. As quote that “prevent is better than cure” so make it your daily diet for happy and strong life.

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