6 Surprising Home Remedies For Cancer Prevention


6 Surprising Home Remedies For Cancer Prevention

Human are made from nature and in case of any disease we can also find the cure of disease from nature, here are some natural thing which can fight from caner:

1. Honey and Kalonji Seeds

Cancer or any other disease cant is cure with one tablet it take a whole course to heavy on any time of disease in our body, here also we can prevent ourselves from cancer or to fight with cancer by taking one teaspoon of honey and add kalonji (nigella) with honey teaspoon. Take it early in the morning when you wake up, make sure you are taking it with wooden or plastic spoon. Be patient with this remedy because both are natural items and both have anti carcinogenic property which helps your immune system from cancer. Take it on regularly basis just one teaspoon early in the morning.

2. Apples and Cancer

Apple is also natural item so it can’t harm if it doesn’t supports you well, so be cool that it will work. You need to eat it once or twice in a day because researches has said about Apple that it’s reduces the risk of cancer specially lungs cancer, because it contains more antioxidant among most of fruits. That why doctor also recommends this to the patients.

3. Nuts and Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is speeding day by day specially in Women. So it is very necessary to remains save form Breast Cancer. According to research have shown that the regular use of nuts in your daily diet help your body to prevent from Cancer disease. According to 2015 research women who eat Nuts, peanuts have less chance of breast cancer.

4. Start Eating Organic

Another reason why people are making victim of Cancer day by day. This is because of glyphosate which almost use in all the food production plants. Use of glyphosate in food cause to the Cancer. There is only one way to avoid it by eating organic foods in your daily routine because it is pesticide free, also a good taste and healthier for your body. This is the easiest way to prevent our body from Cancer.

5. Seeds and Immunity

Researchers have shown that seeds give to our body a complete immunity against many types of diseases also from Cancer. It protect the prostate gland, it contains omega 3 fatty acid which provide your body a complete immunity system which help to prevent form Cancer and from other diseases. Despite this other seeds like chia, flax, and sunflower also have capability to prevent from Cancer.

6. Artichokes

Artichokes are useful from Cancer disease because it contains silymann which is source of antioxidants. It prevents your body from skin Cancer by reducing the growth of Cancer cells in body. Also other type of antioxidant like dark chocolate and kidney beans reduces the risk of Cancer from body.

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