5 useful Android features you probably forget to use


5 useful Android features you probably forget to use:

As we know that each version of Android comes with new features. Some of them instantly transform the way we work, while others come without attracting attention. Some feature remains same as previously and some of them come with modified.

We conclude the hidden features, which were added to Android in recent years, are still there and still quite useful. Take a moment to rediscover them, and you may be surprised at their usefulness.

1-Fixing in the sharing menu

Android Nougat is the ability to customize the order of apps in the Android Share menu – so user can keep their favorite / most used destinations at the top of the list for easy access in short time.

All you have to do is share something from an app, like Chrome, and then press and hold your finger on any destination on the list. Once this is done, select the “Set Guide” option. You can also set multiple destinations for sharing; they will appear in alphabetical order at the top of the list.

However, a “catch” can make things a little confusing. That’s because not all apps use the Android Sharing menu. Google Photos, for example, has its own custom menu. In these somewhat confusing exceptions, your customizations will not appear.

2-Screen Fixing

This feature unnoticed by a lot of people is the “Dial Windows” which was introduced with Android 5.0 in 2014. It allows you to lock a specific app or process on your screen and then requires you to unlock your device before anything else can be accessed from the device.

The idea, in fact, is quite interesting. Let’s say you hand the phone over to a co-worker; perhaps for him to view a document, see something on a website, or make a quick call if he is not on the phone himself. Take two seconds to fix the app that is relevant to that purpose on the screen, and then you can rest easy knowing that the rest of your stuff is safe and inaccessible until the phone comes back to you.

3-Rapid exchange of apps

One of Android’s most useful features in recent times is also one of the least known and most difficult to discover. I’m talking about the “Alt + Tab” quick app switching feature that was introduced with Android 7.0 and remains one of my favorite shortcuts in the system to this day.

you can double-tap the Overview key (the square-shaped icon next to the Back and Home buttons) at any time to quickly access two most recently used applications.

The feature works even from the home screen, providing a quick return to any application you have last opened.

4-Rules for Do Not Disturb

Are you still quieting your smartphone manually at night or just before a meeting? Since the release of Nougat, there is an easier way to do this automatically.

Go to System Settings and go to the Sounds section. There, you should find something about Do Not Disturb. Touch this option and you’ll see a list of customizable automatic rules about how your smartphone should behave on different days and times. Set the times when you would like to have peace and enjoy ease.

5-Customizing Quick Settings

If you’re a bit like me, you probably frequently use the Quick Settings pane of the phone – to quickly connect to a Wi-Fi network, turn on the flash, switch the phone to Do Not Disturb mode, or anything like this.And if you’re a bit like me, you probably also forgot how easy it is to extend and customize the shortcuts you want in that section.

From Android Nougat, you can rearrange the Quick Settings options – which means you can also control which shortcuts appear as ‘keys’ in the smaller view with just a finger swipe on the screen, which carries only six icons.

But the basic rearrangement is just the beginning of what you can do: Nougat has also enabled support for third-party additions to the Quick Settings.

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