5 Rear things which can be done by our Smartphone


5 Rear things which can be done by our Smartphone:

In this era, Smartphone changes our lives and also replaced with many things in life like everyone know that you can use your Smartphone as remote control for TV and like this many other things can be done by easily though Smartphone. TechTraker team are research some of them and bring it for you let’s get check out below:

Keep yourself safe outside:

For example you are coming home late night and feeling scary by unexpected danger than BSafe is the app which will help you to how to deal with unexpected danger, app send an SOS message to emergency contact through your Smartphone, also record video and audio,  and also send an alarm to your friends.

Send text messages from your PC:

For example you are texting your girlfriend, friends for party and texting your co-worker for details and suddenly your Smartphone battery dies than, Depositphotos is the app which will help you to text your co-worker, friends and girlfriends from your PC.  App will sync all the contacts from your phone and allow you to send SMS and MMS from your email, despite this all the SMS and MMS you can find in your Phone after the recharging, means data get never lost.

Test your remote control batteries:

If you are in hurry to watch your season, Drama and movies on TV and you have short time and your remote control doesn’t working at time, and you just want to check the remote control batteries to check whether they work or not. This trick doesn’t need any app it just need your Smartphone.  Pull out your Smartphone form your pocket and open camera, set remote control in front to Smartphone back camera and just press any key on remote control, if you see red light through your Smartphone display coming from tip of the remote control than you batteries are working, if you don’t see any light coming from tip of remote control than it seems like batteries are dead.

Drive safely:

For the driver who drives in the darks, this app will help those. Hudway is the app which help driver to drive in dark. You need to set the brightness of your Smartphone and put it on to dashboard, after that app will give you all information that you need, set your GPS on and tell you about speed too. Just remember that you see clearly projection of your Smartphone.

Measure a distance:

SizeUp is the app which helps you to measure any type of distance by using your Smartphone. In short app makes your Smartphone a small tape measure in the palm of hands.  This app is available for both iOS and Android users.


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