5 Great Features in 5 Different OSes


5 Great Features in 5 Different OSes:

We all are fortunate to use a wide range of OSes from over the years, some by choice, and others by necessity. Each OS has some nugget that we can enjoy, learn from and build on. So here, in no particular order, are 5 different features in 5 different OSes.

Mac OS X, Time Machine

The First one is Mac O S X, also known as Time Machine which configuringbackups have, traditionally, and which has been one of the least fun things about computing. According to back up its little frustrating to recover you. If you don’t have too many files to back up, services like Dropbox, Sugarsync, and Windows Live Mesh also work well. In fact, for several years I used Live Sync (formerly Foldershare, now called Live Mesh) to create real-time offsite backups of my most important files. But you can’t back up and recover an entire system that way.

UNIX, the Shell Terminal

The second one is UNIX also known as the shell Terminal; basically it is a command line interpreter or shell which aims to provide a traditional Unix-like command line user interface. With this users direct the operation of the computer by entering text for using command line interpreter to execute. And to use another method by creating text scripts of one or more such commands.Users interact with a UNIX shell using a terminal emulator.

Ubuntu, Simplified Linux Setup

Ubuntu is open source operating system in computers. It is based on Linux distributionthe Debian architecture. It runs on personal computers, and is also popular on network servers, which usually running the Ubuntu Server variant. It is published by Canonical LTD, which deliver   a commercial support. Based on free software which named after the Southern African Philosophy, it is based on UK-based Canonical LTD founded by the Mark Shuttleworth. Where people feel easy to learn free about softwares.

BeOS, 64-Bit Journaling File System

it is an operating system used for personal computer, originally developed by Be Inc. in the year of 1991. Originally written on the BeBox hardware. It is built for the digital media work and was written to take the advantage of modern hardware to provide the ongoing facilities. The HUI of BeOS was developed on the principles of clarity and clean design.  It is known for the multimedia platform which is used to substantial the population of desktop. It not able to get a significant market share, company was developed by Palm Inc.

IRIX, SGI Dogfight

It is originally written by Gary Tarolli, used to demonstrate program and later was founded of 3dfx at place of Silicon Graphic Inc. it deals in two different way of development games and multicasting and also for virtual environment. It is referred to as three program dog, shadow and flight.

Flight is use for flight games and dog for the combat type game in which multiple people use the flight interface to control their aircraft, and the last shadow is to observe a program which is used to allow a user to see what really user is looking for.

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