5 Causes Of Tailbone Pain You Should Know


5 Causes Of Tailbone Pain You Should Know

Tailbone pain, commonly occur with setting impropriate way or direct trauma to lower back of body. Let find the other cause below:

  • The most common cause is direct trauma to the lower back of your body. Because of direct trauma force rise the inflammations in surround which cause damage of tissue.
  • In women tailbone pain often cause during delivery, as baby head passes through over coccyx and pressure of coccyx sometime cause injury.
  • Activities that act directly on coccyx which cause inflammation surrounds its which cause injuries often it can happen with accident, improper way of sitting in seats, child birth etc.
  • Hypermobility is another cause of tailbone pain; extra movement puts extra stress on coccyx between the coccyx and sacrum. Extra mobility causes the tailbone pain and pelvic pain.
  • It is very rear in tailbone pain cases that part of a sacrococcygeal joint which disjoint from front or back this will cause tailbone pain.

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