5 Best Healthy Uses of Honey


5 Healthy Uses of Honey:

Honey is natural cure for our body used by children and adult for health purpose, it helps in many cases some of these we are discussing below:

1. Cough Suppressant

Mostly doctor recommend pure Honey for Cough, and it is useful to remove your cough because it is thick and natural removes you dryness in your neck inside and help to remove cough with in some days. Just used 2 tablespoon of Honey in night before sleeping daily. It is like motor oil which smooth the engine and improve its performance, Honey also helps body in many cases.

2. Sleep Aid

Sleep Aid is now common is every second person, usually it cause with late night work, stress which cause your hormones disturb, that why you didn’t sleep properly. So just relax and take 2 tablespoon before getting to sleep, it will help you to sleep and relaxes your mind whole day by taking 2 tablespoon in the morning and make feel active and fresh your body.

3. Heals Wounds and Burns

Honey is antibiotic that why it is used by Cough patients and it is also helpful for skin burns and wounds. It natural great property of anti microbial help to heal wound quickly.

4. Antioxidant

Honey is also good for your body to prevent it from cancer, it contain antioxidant thus it fight with free radicals which is in our body and make our body free from cancer.

5. Lowers Cholesterol

Honey is also used by fitness freaks because it contains no fats. It increases insulin in our body which help metabolism in our body. It is good for cholesterol patients.

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