4 Ways to Remove Tea Stains from Your Teeth


4 Ways to Remove Tea Stains from Your Teeth:

Mostly people in Asia use to take more tea as compare to other countries, Tea also causes stains on your teeth which is hard to remove, but here is the some useful method to remove stain from teeth with easiness.

Lime and Salt

Lime and Salt are easily available all the time at home, so this is easy and quick solution for your teeth. Take juice of one lime and mix it with enough salt in it, make it form paste. After this use your toothbrush to brush your teeth with this mixture, constant use of Lime and Salt will help you to remove stains from your teeth. After one to two week you will see positive result. For quick response use this mixture twice a day (morning and evening).

Baking Soda

It Is also a household thing usually present all time in home for many purpose, well baking soda also used for stain remover, so it will help you to remove stain from teeth. Take washing soda in your hand in enough quantity and use it with brush to your teeth, brush your teeth about 1 minute only and then wash it.

Apple Cider Vinegar

If you are using this to brush your teeth then it good for your teeth that it will remain stainless, but after brushing with it you need to brush with normal toothpaste to your teeth. Because it is an acidic solution which may break down plaque from your teeth but will harm if it’s not washes properly.

Citrus Fruit

Citrus fruit also contain citric acid, and we all know the property of acid that it breaks down all thing, used as a stain free remover. So you just need to eat citrus fruit in daily basis so your teeth will free from stains.

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