4 famous ‘lite’ versions of apps to save space and time on Android


4 famous ‘lite’ versions of apps to save space and time on Android:

This article is for those who have problem of storage with their mobile phones. We just collect the lite versions of original apps, that also work better with less data consume feature.

Messenger Lite

Messenger has lite app with “weighs” less than 10MB and works much faster than the standard Messenger app.

Messenger Lite includes all the core features of Messenger, such as VoIP calls, text messages, and even a few extras like stickers – they leave out additional unnecessary main app like photos and chatbots.

YouTube Go

Recently YouTube also introduce it lite version named as YouTube Go. According to company this app consumes less data to watch videos.  YouTube Go lets you watch a video now or save it for download the next time you’re on a Wi-Fi connection. You can also preview a video before spending your valuable data to assist them. And the app itself is also very “light”, with less than 10MB.

Facebook Lite

Facebook app drains battery very fast and even slow on less specs of smartphone, for that company introduce it lite version so it keep their users attach. It “weighs” less than 2MB. It has all the feature of original app of Facebook.

Twitter Lite

In the field of making lite apps twitter also have their lite version from original app. The idea to make lite version has also same to keep less data and to browse fast.

While Twitter Lite is kinder to your data, it can be a slightly less frenetic experience since it only carries the media you really want to see. With the app, which weighs less than 3MB and has a data save mode, you can post tweets, check notifications, and perform all the basic functions of the social platform.

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