10 tips for your oral health


10 tips for your oral health:


  1. Don’t use Alcohol and Tobacco because it cause serious problems in body and also damages your teeth and cause bad breath problem.
  2. Use to with tooth brush twice in day for good and healthy teeth, also for good breath.
  3. Chew gum after meals it helps to clean your mouth and also make good smell from mouth.
  4. Avoid t o eat sugary food because it cause Black blows to your teeth which will make holes in your teeth and cause bad breath.
  5. Brushing teeth is good but clean your tongue is also good, because it also contain cavity on it make sure using brush clean your tongue too.
  6. Take appointment after every half year from dentist because teeth are basic and essential part of mouth.
  7. Make a balanced diet is good for your body and you’re Jews too. Because eating too much make your Jew uncomfortable.
  8. Take small amount of fluoride to clean your teeth it will also help to give strength to your Jews and it make it stronger.
  9. Make use of your children to brush in early ages, this habit is good for your child.
  10. Brushing help to remove disease element like cancer, hepatitis etc

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