10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Digital Marketing Provider


10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Digital Marketing Provider:

Looking for a Digital Marketing Company that increases your online presence and works your Business? We just collect 1o questions that ask before hiring a digital marketing provider.

For example you partnership with your any friend and before closing partnership, see what you need to know to hire a Digital Marketing agency. According to Digital Agencies Panorama survey, In Brazil, more than 90% of the agencies said they provide online services and many of them are denominated as communication, Inbound Marketing, 360º, performance, branding and other titles.

Some questions you may want to ask the agency you are prospecting and that will assist in the decision by the ideal partner are:

1) How will you stand out from my competitors? 
First question you may ask that, the agency needs to understand your target audience and what you, unlike other competitors, can offer you.

2) How much do you know about my type of business? 
Before hiring you have to ask this question, because it is solid question with basics. B2C and B2B digital marketing requires different strategies and tools. An agency that has experience working with companies similar to yours may have an advantage in getting the results you expect. Also, ask if she can provide case studies or success stories.

3) Can you give some sample of your work? 
For any services you want to hire, ask to see examples: website design, blog content, white papers, and copy of an email marketing, and so on. This will help you to see the level of employee work and rate it according to your requirements.

4) How will we communicate? 
Find out who you will be working with regularly and how often you will be in contact. Will it address only one point of contact or who is currently available?

5) How will you report on our progress? 
Will the agency provide an easy-to-read report and summary? How often? Will there be a meeting that guides your company on the report or just a detailed submission of it by email? What is the format of the meeting? Find out how much time is spent on the collaborative strategy before each delivery.

6) How is the process workflow? 
Ask them to tell you more about the flow of relative work. How do they plan to increase the organic traffic of your site? And work with different teams (SEO, Sponsored Advertisements, Content)?

7) What types of differentiated content are produced? 
Find out if the agency has experience producing content that goes beyond the basics: video scripts, short animations, email campaigns, whitepapers, and live broadcasts.

8) What metrics are included in a standard report? 
CPC, CTR, conversion rate for keywords and landing pages – the agency should provide easy-to-read reports that make it clear how your campaigns were run. It is important to also consider which changes are usually made, both in the short and long term, for metrics that may prove to be insufficient.

9) What will be our responsibilities? 
Your performance and that of your partner should be well delimited. Who is responsible for whatever work? Publish to blog; develop, designing responses to comments, etc.

10) How long will the contract be? 
Remember: Digital marketing is synonymous with trust, where it takes time to cultivate and grow results. An agency should be able to understand your business and start your marketing campaigns, but it  is essential to  keep in mind what substantial effects it takes to appear- So, do not abandon your partner after the first month if you have no return. According to survey the best contract could be for 6 months or for 3 months, because you didn’t know about the employee’s behavior or work in the company environment, so the short term contract helps if person doesn’t work with your needs than you have to appoint another.

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