10 Clever Uses of Petroleum Jelly You Never Knew


10 Clever Uses of Petroleum Jelly You Never Knew:

Well we all aware of petroleum jelly but didn’t know enough about its uses. We just know that in winter we use it to skin to not let it dry, but here you will know about other uses of it.

  • It can be use to smooth your skin after shave to make it silky and soft. It prevents ingrown hair, help hair to come on the surface of your face.

  • It is also used by female; it helps to grow thicker eyelashes and brows. You just need to apply it on your eyelashes and brows.

  • Model and beauty contestant use to apply it on their teeth for shinny teeth and it also help to prevent the lipstick that get in to your teeth.

  • Blackhead are big problem for men and women now day, so it is also used to remove blackheads from nose , to use you need to apply it on your nose and wrap it with cling film and make it dry for 5 minute. After that use tissue paper to wrapped around finger to remove blackheads.

  • If you’re in hurry and you didn’t have time to go t parlor and make shinny eye shadow, just hold and take petroleum jelly mix it with your dull eye shadow and apply it on your eyes and enjoy shinny eyes.

  • Basic problem is that perfume never gets stay longer and we all are using it interval of time for good smell. This will also help you, you need to you just need to apply jelly on your neck and wrist before your perfume, this will help perfume to stay longer.

  • In winter, most of people are victim of tan line on foots and dry foot. Apply petroleum jelly on your feet in day days and night but wear socks after apply on feet. You will see after 1 to 2 week that line is disappearing from your feet.

  • It is also used to make waterproof shoes and also it make a great look to it. Just apply it on your shoes. Your shoes will shine more with great look and it will help in rain to prevent your shoes from water.

  • From alcohol based remover your skin and eyes are burning but with the use of Petroleum jelly you will feel free and soft for using it on your skin and eyes as a remover.

  • It is basic element of mani and pedi cure. In winter it help your skin to glow and shine as in summer and make your skin like baby skin smooth and also heal you cracked heels, use also for remove dust from skin.


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